Saturday, March 21, 2009


SO, last night was a HIGH intake evening... Which sucked because I was planning to be strict, but I ate a LOT. And bad stuff... I'm not even going to list it because it was horrendous, and I'm ashamed...

But then, I woke up this morning and had lost a pound??? Yes. Indeed. I think I needed a metabolism boost, and most of what I ate was protein, but it was crazy... I pigged out and didn't purge because I was just so HUNGRY... I didn't work out all day either...

But maybe it's good to have a day like that every once in a while??? I think my metabolism needs it like once every two weeks... It seems like I do it anyway (Last time was March 5th), and it boosts my weigh loss the week after... Is this possible???

Anyway... Here's today intake:
Egg White (2) 34
Tomato 12
Onion 9
(I sauteed the vegs and added chopped up hardboiled egg whites and some salt. Good breakfast!)
B Total: 55

Jello 10
Bites 25
(Bites = bites of the BF's veggies on his plate! LOL! I was going to have soup, but I didn't like it when I had a bite.)
L Total: 35

Radishes 2
Lettuce 12
Onion 10
Green pepper 4
Dressing 8
(For dressing I mixed pineapple juice (8 cals a TBSP) and Red Wine Vinegar (0 cals a TBSP!) and some garlic powder... Good but a bit harsh... Needed oil, but not on a 200 day!)
D Total: 36

Cough Drops 30

Total for the day: 156

Today is my 200 day... I think I'll eat some crackers in a min to get up to that... Though I may need more cough drops... (freakin' 15 cals a drop!) We slept with the window cracked last night, and my throat has been SO sore all day... Sucks. I had some green tea (0 cals!) but it didn't help as much as I'd hoped...

But alas...

Tomorrow is grocery shopping day! SO excited because I have REALLY been doing my research on substitutes for things I have been missing, and I know what I'm buying for the most part. Does anyone have a pasta alternative??? And does anyone have a low-cal bread they eat??? Lemme know, girls!

But that aside...

I went hiking as my workout today... WHAT a workout! It was a really nice day out, and the BF has the next couple days off, so we went. We had a lot of fun together... I'm in SUCH a better mood when he's home... I'm getting SO sick of just being home alone all day lately... I'm SO ready to start working... Only a couple more days...

AND, I know this is an old story and all, but check this link out. Scared of bikinis? You have nothing to worry about compared to this girl...
And yes, that last comment's mine. Ha ha! That shit just PISSES me off, for REAL.

Anywho, here's is some thinspo... Sarah Larson... The girl who dated George Clooney and was a no-one before and then all of a sudden was a model... Not that she didn't deserve to be a model... She's thintacular... And I LOOOVE THIS DRESS!


  1. I love surprise weight-loss days! Enjoy it!

    The 2468 seems to be doing wonders-- would you mind talking a little about your progress on it? I'm considering joining you...


  2. Hahaha did you read the comments that were on that link? They made me laugh..

    Surprise weight loss is the best feeling ever :) Keep it up!

  3. A noodle alternative ...asian rice noodles are lower in cals and you can try gluten free bread - also lower in cals than ordinary bread. Otherwise - multigrain breads are less likely to have suger added so def avoid any white bread =)

  4. i have heard too that once and awhile having a high intake day boosts your metabolism. it looks like it worked for you :)