Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fast Broken, but Not Me!

SO, I had to break my fast yesterday because the BF was getting HIGHLY suspicious... I honestly don't see how I'm ever going to be able to skip dinner as long as we're together... He was quizzing me on what I'd eaten, what I was planning on eating... I'm a terrible liar on the spot, so I just had a salad with chicken and light sour cream instead of dressing. Not too bad... Put my day really low still, of course, so I'm content.

PLUS I stepped back on the scale this morning, and I'm back down to 15lbs off total, 5 more to go to GW #1! I think maybe it was water retention weight from my period??? I'm not sure exactly. I mean, I ate like SHIT while the fam was here, but can you gain 6lbs in 3 days? And then lose it in 1??? I don't think so. SO I'm attributing 5lbs to water weight, 1lb gained to eating absolute SHIT for 2 days, and 1lb lost to barely eating yesterday.

However you slice it, I'm happy it's gone. Now only 5 more to go... I can do that in 2 weeks, max.

I had an egg with scallions for breakfast (I'm going to say that was 60 cals because I successfully managed to burn about half of it to the pan because I forgot to use the non-stick one...) And I'll probably have 1/2 a serving of chicken for dinner with vegs and then an apple for lunch, perhaps??? Probably. Dinner should be 100 cals, so I'll have 40 for lunch.. Celery probably. In about an hour I'm going to go down to the gym, and here in a minute I'm going to clean the house... Those dishes are driving me nuts.

In other news... (And this is EXTREMELY exciting news!!!)

The BF has the ring.

Oh yes. You heard right. The BF has THE ring.

My mom spilled the beans and then my brother said it was beautiful and I will love it. AND the BF the other day asked me about white gold (I don't wear yellow gold EVER.) and if I was allergic to gold or if I just didn't like it, blah, blah, blah, so I was suspicious already... I knew he was thinking about it, we've talked about it a few times, but I wasn't convinced that he actually had it... Thought maybe he had just PLANNED things because he's a major putter-offer... But I checked the bank account, and there was a massive withdraw from the ATM.

AND it's somewhere in this damn house, and you have no IDEA how hard it's been not to go looking for it!!! SO now it's just a matter of time, bitches! My man really loves me! Do you know how exciting that is??? Now we'll see if he has the spunk to propose well... This is the major test. Ha ha!

I haven't even told my best friend yet though because it hasn't actually HAPPENED, you know? Don't congratulate me yet! He still may realize he's too amazing for me...

But this knowledge of engagement rings may be too much for my subconscious because I had a VERY realistic dream last night about GIVING BIRTH. Oh my GOD it was weird...
And that is a LONG way off. And not a possibility at the present time because not only am I currently ON my period, but the BF and I haven't had sex in like 2 weeks because of my damn breakthrough issues this month.

Sorry. I'm just a little pent-up. Ha!

But I'm off ladies... Good luck today with whatever you are in to!

Wedding thinspo... Seems appropriate!

Her arms are gorgeous!

Oh to have those shoulder blades!


  1. Amazing news!!! I'm so happy for you. Oh and lovely thinspo.

  2. I always have dreams about being pregnant when I'm on my period! I was just talking about that yesterday. Anyways, I know you said no congrats yet, but seriously, that's exciting stuff!