Sunday, March 22, 2009

Down another pound!

It's crazy that I'm losing so much lately... I must have definitely need a metabolism boost.

The BF and I are getting ready to go grocery shopping, and I'm excited! LOL!

I didn't eat any more last night... I just didn't feel like it... I think I'm actually beginning to be anemic... I looked up the symptoms, and I have all of the "beginning stages" symptoms. SO I'm going to buy some vitamins at the store today... I don't want to start looking all washed out and have to go to the hospital here... Then my secret will REALLY be out.

But anyway... Here's today's snippet of thinspo... One of these things is not like the others. One of these things just doesn't belong... I can't get off the Chloe Marshall thing... I can't believe she was a FINALIST. She's freakin' obese... Plus, every woman in the world would rather be the girl in front of her, and every guy would rather do the girl in front of her, no matter how much they lie.


  1. yikes.
    i'd rather be any girl in that picture than the one with the wrap on.

  2. I admire that girl's confidence. She really SHOULDN'T be wearing that, but she's i9586787607 times braver than I am!

    I won't allow anyone to take a picture of me even with full winter clothes on.

  3. damn.
    that sucks that shes like THE ONLY fat*ahem* overweight one there but im sure it wouldnt be THAT hard to loose a few pounds =/

    okay im being mean.
    shes pretty for her body type though =]
    does it make up for it?
    not exactly


    thanks for the thinspo!

    XOXO Sophia Ruins <3

  4. lol. Thanks for the quirky thinspo.

    Are you still doing your variation of 2-4-6-8? Grats on the continued loss!

  5. Geez.. I feel bad for her, but she is very brave for revealing so much. As for vitamins, I take something called "One-A-Day" (the Womens variation) and it's just one vitamin a day, but it has everything you need in it. :) And thanks for the good luck!