Thursday, March 5, 2009

3rd Post Today... I'm Lame.

Today's goals were:
1.) Eat less than 500 cals.
2.) Go grocery shopping.
3.) Throw away/hide the BF's chocolate in some way.
4.) Eliptical at the fitness room for at least :30 and then ab video.

2-4... CHECK!

And well on my way to #1 unless I get blindsided between right now and bed time, which I'm not expecting... I think making a list like this helps...

That and having the day off from work so I'm not tempted to eat shit all day. and I can focus on just my body and nothing else.

For # 3, I devised a plan... I went through the pantry and made a shelf for just me... It's kind of hard living with the BF because he eats TONS of stuff I can't touch, but when I get hungry I look through the pantry and end up eating something I shouldn't... SO, I moved things around so that everything I am allowed to eat is on it's own single shelf. That way when I go looking, I know I can only look in that one spot or I'll feel a massive amount of guilt... Which is helpful. Ha!

BUT, alas... I need to shower and iron for my interview and fill out one last form. ..

SHIT I just looked at the clock and I have to fucking GO!


  1. Organizing your pantry is a good idea!
    Good luck on your interview. :)

  2. The shelf thing is an awesome idea! I'm serioulsy going to do it tonight!