Thursday, March 19, 2009

Up, down, up, down

I don't know WHAT is going on lately, but my weight jumps up and down every DAY lately...

Down 5 lbs one day.

Then up.

Then down.

Then up.

And it's not my scale because I weighed myself repeatedly to get these numbers... What the HELL!? My intake has been pretty decent since the parents left, and I've been working out like every day... HOW can it jump up and down FIVE pounds every day!?!?!? It's honestly scaring me.

Maybe it's a BM problem... Come to think of it I haven't had one since yesterday morning...

SO... Maybe 1st gain period/water weight, second gain, lack of BM???

I'm lost... Someone help me.


  1. Here are a list of things that can affect weight fluctuation: poop weight, hydration levels due to PMS/period, salt/sugar intake, water/soda intake, and also the amount of food in your stomache. 5 pound fluctuation is actually normal, although it sucks right?

  2. ugh, that happens to me sometimes too... i heard if you take a hot shower, dry your hair then weigh yourself you should be "lighter."
    sometimes for self torture i'll drink a lot of soda then weigh myself... almost a good motivator
    good luck and don't worry flux is normal :-)

  3. Definitely I think it's not real weight, but all those things you and RayRay just mentioned.

    And you can't lose or gain 5 pounds in one day, so think of yourself as 135.


    maybe the links/articles will help...