Saturday, February 21, 2009

"Yeah, Pudgy!"


When I said the ballet would be thinspo, I had NO IDEA how much. The lead was Marianna Chemalina, and she was the thinnest girl I think I've ever seen in person who wasn't dying. She was absolutely gorgeous and so light and tiny and graceful. *sigh* She was a beauty. Here she is!

Look at those arms! Augh, so jealous.

BUT there was also this ballerina who was kind of hefty, and the BF was making fun of her the whole time. I mean, she was pudgy. You could see a muffin top over the top of her tutu. But he was kind of mean... Like at the end when they came out to take their bows, he actually said, "Yay, pudgy!" while he was clapping.

So TALK about thinspo...

And then when I came home, I wanted a cookie SO bad. Like fuck. So I chewed on one and spit it out so I could just get the texture/taste for a sec. Worked to curb the craving. I was talking to the BF before I did it, and he was all, "Yeah go ahead whatever. Maybe it'll help."

And yeah, it helped. But if he knew how many calories I'm ACTUALLY consuming he'd probably be shoving them down my throat... Because he said something about how I'm eating 1200 cals a day.

HA! Maybe half that.

Tomorrow is my birthday though, and I have to pick out a restaurant that we can go to so that I can actually eat something, so I'm going to go find somewhere in our new town.

Augh I want to get DRUNK, but I don't know what I can have for few cals... Research time, ladies!

Much love to all of you! Thanks for the comments/follows lately!

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    Hey, thanks for the comment. I can totally relate to you! I try to eat MAX 1200 cal/day and its really hard! Also, my friend said, Bacardi Rum has 65 calories/oz. And with diet coke, it's not bad. [if you like hard liquor]. Good luck!