Friday, February 27, 2009


Today was a tad high in the calorie department... Apple juice for breakfast, (110) Little tuna on celery for lunch, (190 - shouldn't have had the mayo!!!) super-healthy wheat/fiber cereal for dinner (200 cereal, 100 milk) and some peaches (75). SO... 675. But the celery is neg cal, and breakfast was just liquid so at LEAST I did that... Eff this. I had plans to do well today, but I'm low on groceries... I mean, if I were a normal person this would be beyond good, but I'm not... And I feel like I had too much.

I think I need to incorporate some calcium somehow into my diet because right now I don't eat hardly any, and if I'm going to be just skin and bones one day, I need to have a strong support system. :-/ Maybe drink milk on occasion? Or Caltrate? I'll have to look into this...

Anyway, I'm going to bed here in a moment because I have a job interview tomorrow evening after I get out of my shit job, and I want to be well-rested because I NEEEEED this better job. Fuck, I hate my current one!

And just so you all know, knowing I can't afford tanning anymore is SERIOUSLY depressing me... I just want that golden glow that hides the flub a bit... I MISS IT!!!


  1. Good luck at your interview!

    And for calcium I use Viactiv. Its pretty good.

  2. 675 is still pretty good!! Keep it mixed up, keep the body guessing, it keeps the metabolism up!