Thursday, February 19, 2009

3 Down 17 to Go

I lost 3 pounds! How wonderful is that!? Only 17 more to go to GW #1!
Lately my meals have been:
B: Apple or grapefruit because they're neg cal.
L: Little soup or some veggies (smallll portion)
D: Mia whetever me and the BF eat.
I just want to work on dinner so I don't have to do this anymore...

So Sunday is my 22nd birthday, and I have to work. I requested off and got Friday off instead, which is a WASTE of my time. But in all honesty, Sunday's our busiest day because we do brunch, and I desperately need the money. I hate that the BF supports both of us these days...

But GOD, I hate my job. Yesterday it was reeeally slow and I was just kind of sitting around all day. Oh and these two girls came in and one was a BIG girl. I mean, I don't have anything against fat people (my mom is overweight) but she was YOUNG and big. And there are a lot of people like that here... It's honestly depressing because she could easily lose weight if she tried, you know? At that age, nothing's stopping you except yourself... But anyway, the big girl ordered a Triple-Decked Club and fries. Now, if I were her size, I would not have ordered ANYTHING with the word "triple" in it. Fuck no. And fries!? What a waste of energy/time/calories/life. Just ew. So, she ate half her sandwich and half her fries and got a box. So I took care of them, did my server thing, and then after they left I was sitting there doing some math... Our triple decker has over 1,000 calories. And our fries??? Like 650. So if you ate half of each, that's still 825 calories. For ONE meal. That is grotesque.

Anyway, here's a list of foods that are neg calories that I'm stickin' to lately!


Cabbage (raw)

Well I have to go to my dreadful job.

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