Friday, February 20, 2009


I did good today... I'm still working, but it's a process. No mia today which was a nice change. Though the BF randomly was all, "Were you just throwing up in the bathroom!?" When I actually wasn't. Ironyyy.

So I have tomorrow off. And the BF wants me to make him cookies. To which I say FUCK. Because I LOOOVE to bake, especially for him, but if I do that there will be SO much left over sitting around tempting me... Maybe I can bring them into his work and make him leave them there... Then he and the chub girl he works with can eat them.

Know what, I can resist them, dammit! I can do this too, dammit! I've been doing good lately.


  1. hello there n welcome! lol.. u seem to be doing better than me wen i first started. good on u! anyway, pls know u haf my support :] n hope u dont mind me making regular visits :]

  2. Hi welcome to the arena. You will like it here, everyone is so supportive and understanding. Oh, and I just wanted to say 'Two for the Road' as an amazing, and I mean amazing, Hepburn film! One of my favourites she has done!

    Much love,

    Ella xx