Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Half Way to the First Stop

So I stepped onto the scale this morning, and I was SHOCKED. Absolutely, totally, completely, and utterly shocked... I've lots TEN pounds since the 16th... So in 9 days. That's like a pound a day... Except today hasn't completely gone, and I didn't weight myself until the 17th for the 1st time, so it's more like 7/8 days... Woooooah.

And it's kind of scary because I don't know why it's coming off so fast... (I mean, besides the obvious that I eat barely anything, take diet pills, drink tone of water, work out more, etc, etc...) But at the same time, it's so thrilling because I'm actually noticing a physical difference, and I know it's not just water weight. (Namely because I started this whole ana/mia thing before I bought the scale and I'm pretty sure the WW was all coming off that week.)

This means I'm 10lbs away from GW#1. I'm freaking HALF way there.

But I know I have soo much more to go...

But yesterday the BF started getting all frisky, and I kind of had a panic attack, and then I told myself, "He's been having sex with me for 2 years, and he's seen me at my heaviest, so just enjoy it, you lost weight." Which was hard because I am still really insecure...

I just want to feel sexy in my bra and panties...


  1. omg i wish i have ur discipline.. im doing something wrong, ive gained terribly.. helppp :[ btw thanks for the workout links. i LOVE them!

  2. Awesome! I think the first couple pounds come off really fast then it slows down, so don't worry it's normal.