Friday, February 27, 2009


Let me just first and foremost say that I am addicted to Pandora Radio lately! Effing amazing. I feel like I must have been out of the loop forever or something... I feel like everyone knows about it but me!

But that aside...

I have been doing really well lately. I had a little higher calorie intake yesterday than planned, but it's because I had BREAD for the first time in God knows how long! Augh, and it was AMAZING. I haven't had bread, pasta, any of that shit in SO long.

But I think I was still only around 675 which is not terrible... I just like to be a little lower. But GOD the bread was worth it! Plus net-wise I was only at about 575... And my scale says I'm still doing fab... It's like every few days I notice I've lost another lb or 2. So crazy... I feel absolutely amazing about it...

AND since I have the day off today, I'm going to do about an hour of workout which I haven't been able to do lately because of my fucking knee! I think it's well enough now to risk the workout, so I'm going to. Plus, today I'm going to do an all fruit/veggie/raw day. And drink loads of waterrr! But, I think for breakfast I'm going to have just apple juice because I have been having BM problems a bit, and I heard somewhere that apple juice is a good natural thing you can do to get back on track and not as harsh as lax's which we all despise/love so much... So I'll just do a juice breakfast today...

Oh my god... So I was just looking around online to find out tanning in this town, and fuck me, there is NOTHING. I mean it. There are two actual, legit, good tanning chains, and I did the math and to go as often as I want and do as much as I want, both of them are over $100 a month. FUCK me! What kind of hell hole have I moved to!? This is insane. I paid $45 in my last town and that was pricey and I had FULL access. FUUUCKKK! Augh this is pissing me off... I did find a dinky salon though that has a basic bed and standup for only $2.50 a tan... Shit. I can't afford to be tan here!?!? This is NOT acceptable.

Maybe if I get this schnazzy job and start raking in the bucks I can get the $99.95 a month tanning package at a good place... Until then I might go to the dinky place 2/3x a week and then maybe a good place for an individual, high-pressure tan like once every couple weeks... We'll see... This is the shittiest thing... I can't even believe it... I wish to GOD there was a Planet Beach here!

Listen to this post... I'm a tanning addict, ana... I'm a bad kid.

Well, until next time, ladies, remember to eat like birds.

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