Tuesday, February 24, 2009


SO today was better than yesterday... I managed to stay under 500 cals, (including about 135 of neg cals) and I wasn't even hungry... And no purging today.

But god, I feel all alone with this sometimes... Especially because I have to hide it from my BF and since we moved, he's basically my only friend.


I got a call about a jooob! Not a real, grown-up job like I was hoping for, but a better job than the one I have. My interview is Saturday, so wish me luck! I'm excited. I filled out an application for bartending or serving, so here's hoping it's bartending.

But honestly I'm not in the mood to blog right now... I'm kinda pissy.

And I'm contemplating if I'm going to let myself have a purge day tomorrow... We'll see how tomorrow goes, I guess...

To purge, or not to purge???


  1. Careful - purgings not good for you! ..as i'm sure you know. Try and be healthy =)
    good luck for your job interview

  2. Good job today! :) Sorry you feel lonely, I can imagine it's hard in a new town. It'll get better once you have a job. Good luck with the interview!