Friday, February 13, 2009

Day One

Day one... WELLL... This is going to be a skill to master. I'm not talking the blog... That's pie. I'm talking CONTROL. I have so very little self-control. I've always been this way too... But alas! This attempt shall not fail, dammit!

SO today I skipped out on work. I hate that shit job anyway. I was a REAL grownup job. What's the point of going to college if I can't get a job I like anyway? I mean, FUCK.
But anyway, last night I just could NOT sleep. My stomach was hurting and I just felt like shit, and I was so fucking AWAKE. My brain just would not shut off. So I didn't sleep well at ALL. I only got like 3 hours when the alarm went off for Aaron to get up. I called the boss-man at around 8:15 and asked it they could manage without me. Which won't be hard. It doesn't take anyone to manage NOTHING. And I'm pretty sure there were 3 of us working today which is a total waste of my time and parking money. SO a nice little day off to laze around the house.

Which is EXACTLY what I did. But I ordered Chinese food which was bad... A waste of money first of all because I knew what I was going to do with it... Yep. Oh, mia...

I'm trying to make a weightloss picture to put on the fridge... on IT's taking fucking forever though.
I need a goal of what I can look like. I mean, I know what I looked like years ago, but that was before the boobs arrived.

I am also going to make a bracelettt! Probably a white or black one... We'll see. Somethign with a charm or bead. Not red though because I don't want to be one of those obvious freaks who do it for attention and not because they actually want results.

I'm achey right now, like woah damn. I found a couple free online workout videos, and I did the cardio one today:

Windsor Pilates

The Cardio one will kick your ass and make you sweat and breathe super-heavy. That girl is freakin full of energy. And the windsor one made my muscles so sore last time... I think I'm going to rotate them every day along with my Crunchles Abs video, because that's my most problem area.

Fuck this internet! It keeps fucking up!

Augh I need a shower... I read somewhere that showering suppresses appetite because the hot water or something... And it makes you aware of your naked body. Ha!

Anyway, I'm gonna work on the tummy, tummy, tummy! I want tone and thinness and sexiness. I want to look good naked and not worry about not looking good.

Some thinspo... I want a flat tummy!

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